High Level

Jennifer Edge is a world class tattoo artist. She co-founded Main Line Ink with Danny Siviter to bring a tattoo establishment and art Gallery to the city of Chattanooga. Jennifer is also leading Literary Ink, a convention to celebrate the intersection of literary fantasy and artistic magic.

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What to do when your restaurant fails? Kush Shah: I lost everything, but I didn’t give up. Kush Shah is a successful restaurant owner. He co-founded Dos Bros with Milan Patel and now is growing the brand with several operations in the South East of the United States. Kush lost everything he had on a previous restaurant concept, but he didn’t give up. On this episode we talk about: -Dealing with failure and taking risks. -Growing a business. -Helping those around you. -What it means to live at a high level.

In this episode we interviewed Scott Maucere, a successful lawyer and entrepreneur. Scott founded Maucere Law Group and PUSHTOSTART. Host Axel Arzola asks Scott about: -Starting his own law firm.

-How to scale a service business?

-What to look of in a mentor?

-What is your definition of success?

Milan Patel: Stop at nothing. In this episode of High Level we learn from Milan Patel. Milan is a successful restaurant owner. With several operations in the South East of the United States, and always looking to grow as an entrepreneur.

Host Axel Arzola asks Milan about:

-His daily routine.

-How to find the right business partner?

-How to get your first business off the ground?

-What it takes to live at a high level?