Stop Light | Come On Let’s Go

ComeOnLetsGo is a worldwide media and advertising initiative pointing seekers to a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is funded by a collective effort of everyday Christians, working across all denominational lines. We are spearheaded by Partners for Christian Media, a nonprofit with over 22 years in broadcasting ministry.

Partners for Christian Media founded J103 FM radio ministry, Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1995, which reaches four states with three frequencies and is supported by thousands of donors and corporate sponsors.

A decade ago, PCM founder Bob Lubell first shared his vision for ComeOnLetsGo with the board of directors. In 2012, a billboard campaign was launched across Chattanooga, Tennessee, and over 64,000 people visited the ComeOnLetsGo website and watched stories of lives changed by Jesus Christ. Of those unique visitors, 6.5 percent took an action step by clicking for information to make a connection with God, a local church, or other resources.

Research and development continued with Facebook and Google Adword advertising the following year, bringing the cost per click to nearly one-tenth of the billboard campaign.

This year ComeOnLetsGo expects over half a million people watching stories on our website and social media.

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