The Remembering

What’s in the afterlife? How do we get there?
Imagine you have one last chance to see memories of your life before you are terminated. What memories would you pick? Who would you want to see one last time? In this story you can send a message right before you go to the afterlife. Erin has woken up in a totally deserted white space, and there is someone there to help her: Herself.
Starring: Erin Ownbey
Directed by: Axel Arzola
Written by: Megan Ownbey
Excecutive Producer MATHEW FISHER
Produced by: Megan Ownbey Axel Arzola
Mom: Laura Anne Ownbey
Boyfriend: Kyle Weldy
Little girl: Caroline Condo
Art Director: Emily Holmes
Cinematographer: Chris Nelson & Axel Arzola
Assistant Camera: Landon Early
Assistant Director: Caleb Wilson
Script Supervisor: Emma Elder
Sound Recordist: Kateland Wyatt
Boom Operator: Tyler von Tagen
Editor: Axel Arzola & Jaqueline Simmons